Daytona Capital Management Ltd (Daytona) – a UK-based fintech company that drives collaboration and connectivity between Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), banks and retailers across the world.

Daytona has received “Money Transmitter” approval from Her Majesty’s Revenues and Customs (HMRC) and holds an “Authorised Payments Institution (API)” approval as received from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)

Daytona has developed a world-class software platform

to enable MNOs, retailers and banks across emerging markets to seamlessly connect to Money Transfer Operators worldwide. Daytona, a game-changing leader in the fintech industry, will launch its online remittance services in the United Kingdom during 2016.


Daytona has already enabled the Hello Group to plug into its Global Payout Network and through its consumer offering Hello Paisa the Hello Group now offers migrants a low-cost transparent remittance services.

Hello Paisa is an innovative service which allows low income migrants in South Africa to make low cost, instant international remittance transactions from their mobile phones.


For the first time, customers have the convenience to transact 24/7 wherever they are.


Hello Paisa Logo
Daytona has facilitated this offering for Hello Paisa through partnering with reputable banks and other partners to safely deliver remittances, in a convenient way.